100% Digital

Plateforme Hybrid offers an unprecedented experience and gives you access to a 100% dematerialized and interactive art gallery.

Dematerialized exhibitions

Every 4 months, visit a thematic exhibition and discover virtually new artists.

Digital opening exhibitions

Participate in the opening of each exhibition and interact with artists and works through live videos, webinars or livechat.

Interactive Content

Have access to different types of interactive content and discover works and artists through another dimension.

Towards new artistic territories

Today, many artistic disciplines meet new territories. This exploration brings life to new experiences of artistic miscegenation. Digital technology attracts and disrupts the traditional codes of these disciplines. They are enriched by new technologies and give life to new artistic forms. New tools for artistic promotion are emerging and open a new path to the art world. At this moment “artistic hybridization” was born.

Hybridization: more than an artistic approach

The mix of art, digital technology and technology not only offers a new aesthetic aspect to the work but also a new receptivity of the work. The place of the viewer and his relation to the work are more than ever integrated into the creative process of the artist. This offers a new vision of artistic practices without abandoning the traditional codes of these. From one production to another, art seems to know an ever-changing mutation that opens the way to immortality.

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An initiative of non-profit organization "Hybrid"

HYBRID is a non-profit organization, created by Marine Di Franco in December 2013, to promote choreographic art through dematerialized creations and research centered on “choreographic hybridization”.Today more than ever, Hybrid wants to mix and bring together different artistic and creative sensibilities in order to share and promote unique human stories.

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